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Message from the Editors:

Are you a theological student who dreams of having your work published in a prestigious academic journal, but you lack the necessary credentials or experience to have your submission considered? Is it your desire to become a better scholarly writer, but you have no one to read your work save your professors and wife? Do you crave the constructive criticism, feedback, and debate made possible by peer-reviewed journals, but find that you are not yet a ‘peer’ of their reviewers? Would you love to enter the academic battle over Reformed orthodoxy and scholasticism, but you find yourself unable to receive a commission? If so, Reformed Student Journal exists for students such as you.


RSJ will be a quarterly academic publication for current students, whether undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate. The principal focus of the journal is the scholarly discussion of theological matters, and as such, preference will be given to those who are either currently enrolled in or have completed a program in religious or biblical studies. Additionally, as our aim is to advance Reformed orthodox convictions, further preference will be given to students who are currently members of a confessionally Reformed church (though a copy of your membership card need not be sent).


Our goal is to promote and disseminate faithful Reformed scholarship and aid students in becoming better writers and researchers. If you are interested in joining us in this task, please consider submitting your work. All submissions must be scholarly in content and style. High-quality research papers and academic book reviews will be accepted. For more information or inquiries, please email

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