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Assertion of Liberty of Conscience by the Independents of the Westminster Assembly of Divi


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Current Projects


Franciscus Junius
Theses Theologicae Leydenses

These never-before-translated disputations (57 in total) contain concise, theologically pregnant theses, penned by one of the most influential Reformed theologians of early orthodoxy (1560–1620).


Franciscus Junius
Theses Theologicae Heidelbergenses

Though this collection is considerably smaller than Junius’ Theses Theologicae Leydenses, it remains significant for its display of theological precision and philosophical erudition.


Robert Baron
Metaphysica Generalis

Robert Baron (c.1596-1639) is a man in need of some introduction. This Scottish theologian and metaphysician (one of the Aberdeen doctors) authored several works which employed sustained metaphysical reflection for the sake of theological lucidity.

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